1. Explain the main differences between a raw and jpeg file.

RAW files are more significantly bigger than JPEG files. Which shooting in RAW means you’ll need larger memory cards since they will fill up quickly, so you might not be able to shoot as much all at once. However, JPEG are much more manageable size since the data it contains is compressed. Since JPEG files are already processed, so the images can be quickly transferred from the camera and opened with editing software, or it can be sent directly to someone, with no post-processing.

2. Which file is bigger RAW or Jpeg?

RAW is a much bigger file than JPEG, since RAW contains all the information captured by the digital camera’s sensors, which are completely uncompressed. A RAW file is between two and six times larger than a JPEG file.

3. Can you change a Raw file to a Jpeg, once your photos are the computer? How?

Yes, you may change a raw file into a jpeg file. You can change a raw file into a jpeg file by clicking “Choose Files” button on your files to select RAW files, then click “convert to JPEG” button to start the conversion, when its done converting then a “Done” button will show up, which you will click on it and then download it onto your files.

4. If you were shooting an important event would you shoot it RAW or Jpeg? Explain.

First of all, if I were to shoot in RAW I would only shoot in RAW if I were shooting paid photos for clients, doing extensive editing, if I want to edit my photos at a later time. However, if I were to shoot in JPEG I would only shoot in JPEG if I don’t have time to edit my photos or I like the way it looks in JPEG, if I were capturing casual snapshots of friends and family, and photographing sports and fast action. Which in my perspective, if I were to be shooting an important event I would shoot in RAW because I get the advantage to edit the photos the way the client would like them. So in the end, it all depends on the event and situation your in for you to decide which file you should shoot in for your photoshoot.

Travel Poster

I chose the city of Seattle, Washington because it has been a very long time since I have visited this place. I would like to visit Seattle again because its a very beautiful place especially in the winter, even if sometimes the storms can get out of hand. I like to go to Seattle for a vacation because there is a lot of stuff you can do there and its a very fun place to go to. Seattle has very nice sightseeing spots, for example the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture,  Pike Place Market, the Original Starbucks, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. If I were to go to Seattle, Washington I would visit the Original Starbucks, because I am a big fan of Starbucks. The city of Seattle, Washington has a lot to offer and its a very wonderful place to go for a vacation.

100 Most Influential Images Of All Time

The Babe Bows Out, Nat Fein, 1948
The Babe Bows Out, Nat Fein, 1948 Babe Ruth the greatest ballplayer of them all, he was known as the towering Sultan of Swat. However, by 1948, he had been out of the game for more than a decade and was struggling with terminal cancer. Which, when beloved Bambino stood before the massive crowd on June 13 to help celebrate the silver anniversary of Yankee Stadium, it was clear it was his final goodbye in public. Nat Fein the photographer had heard the sound of “Auld Lang Syne” fill the stadium, which Fein “got a feeling” and walked behind Ruth, where he saw him leaning on a bat, his thin legs hinting at toll that disease had wreaked on his body. From that very spot, Fein captured the mythic role that athletes play in our lives even when at their weakest they appear large. As Ruth had passed away 2 months later, Fein had received a Pulitzer Prize for his picture. I chose this picture because of the posture of Babe Ruth, it shows a lot of what is going on in his life, as well because this photograph shows a lot of emotion.
Michael Jordan, Co Rentmeester, 1984
Michael Jordan, Co Rentmeester, 1984 Michael Jordan’s photograph may be the most famous silhouette ever photographed. As Jacobus “Co” Rentmeester was taking Michael Jordan’s photographs for LIFE in 1984, he captured the basketball star soaring through the air for a dunk, his legs split like a ballet dancer’s and left arm stretched to the stars. As Nike had been seeking for logo to resemble the inspiration for its first Air Jordan sneakers, Nike paid Rentmeester $150 for a temporary use of his slides from the life shoot. Soon later, “Jumpman” was etched onto shoes, clothing, and bedroom walls around the world, then becoming eventually the most popular commercial icons of all time. With Jumpman, Nike had created the concept of athletes as valuable commercial properties unto themselves. Air Jordan brand, had then earned $3.2 billion in 2014. Rentmeester then had sued Nike for copyright infringement. However, it is clear that his image captures the ascendance of sports celebrity into a multibillion-dollar business, and its taking off. I chose this photograph because it shows a great photograph of Michael Jordan as well it also shows how Michael Jordan was taking a normal photoshoot without knowing this pose in his photo was going to be the logo of Nike and become very famous as well for Co Rentmeester, he had never given the though his photo will become a very famous logo.
The Pillow Fight, Harry Benson, 1964
The Pillow Fight, Harry Benson, 1964 At this time Harry Benson did not want to meet the Beagles.  He had said, “I took myself for a serious journalist and I didn’t want to cover a rock ’n’ roll story.” Shortly after he met the boys from Liverpool and heard them play, Benson had no desire to leave. Benson’s pillow-fight photo, taken in the swanky George V Hotel the night the band found out “I Want to Hold Your Hand” hit No. 1 in the U.S., had froze John, Paul, George and Ringo in an exuberant cascade of boyish talent—and possibly their last moment of unbridled innocence. This photo captures the sheer joy, happiness, and optimism that would be embraced as Beatlemania. I chose this photo because it shows different emotions, and it also shows the different things the boy band is doing. I also like how the photo captures the excitement of the members of the boy band.

Masters Of Photography Reflection

The Echo

To begin with, I chose Julia Margaret Cameron as a photographer of my choice. I chose Julia because she takes portrait photography which is the type of photography I prefer to do. The photograph I chose from Julia is called The Echo. This photo was taken in the year of 1868. I chose this person because there portrait photographs show a lot of character and personality of the person as the subject. The photos also express a lot of emotions. As well for her other photographs they show different character of each different person. I was intrigued by her photographs because they each show each person’s different personality. As well I was fascinated by her photos because they each are unique in each of the subjects’ way. These photographs show a lot of detail and each pose of every different person shows each person’s personality or type of character they are. Even though thee photos are in black and white thy are still very fascinating and show a lot of detail. The photography Julia has created is very eye catching for me. It also shows color contrast between the colors black and white. Each photograph is very special in its own way, which I like to have each photograph different and distinctive from the other photographs. In my perspective I believe that Julia Margaret Cameron is really great in photograph. I believe this because when she takes her photos she pays attention to the different personalities and type of character each person has. Which she puts each of these things in to the portraits. I was very attracted to her photos compared to the others because one they were portraits, which I like to take portraits, second of all each of the photographs show each of the person’s individuality that makes them different from the others. As well, each photograph expresses different emotions, and different types of uniqueness of each different person.

Shooting Good Composition Photos